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Tangoo 3.0: Social Media Trailblazing for Restaurants

By on September 23, 2016

The fall of 2016 marks an exciting new unveil for the team here at Tangoo. Some of you have witnessed our first chapter – an events company that ran restaurant crawls across town. Then we had our first big pivot, when we transformed into a pocket concierge app. In both iterations, we followed the same mission – connecting people through experiences, and celebrating the businesses that help this happen. Our restaurants were our allies, delighting the community we brought together. But we still hadn’t found our groove. Our app was helpful, but restaurants were having trouble managing their own marketing channels. Over time, this pain became too great to ignore. With a third evolution, we’re applying our marketing chops to work with these businesses directly. The ‘aha’ moment came in December 2015, during a team dinner.

A Holiday Gathering


(photo via @indulgewithmimi)

The holidays are a golden period for entrepreneurs. Amongst the company of our friends, family, and colleagues, we reflect and recharge from the year behind us.

In the spirit of reflection, we kept this party at home. After an amazing feast, we gathered around the fireplace to exchange stories from 2015, and kept rolling back to the early days. We gathered with our current team, and some loyal alumni. Everyone reflected on how they first joined, and the impact Tangoo had on their future.

It turned into a fascinating discussion. We’ve attracted arts and business students, graphic designers, data analysts, rugby players, coders – and in joining us, how much potential each of them had. And we feel we don’t share enough of that story with you.

For some teammates, they gained the confidence and skills and went on to make big impacts with other businesses. Others got a push to start their own companies! All of us had unique stories in how we got involved, but there was a common thread – our lives took a new turn after stepping into the Tangoo sphere. We all agreed – this company’s been so much more than an app.

Tangoo’s Mantra: Igniting Entrepreneurs


(photo via Olivia Sari-Goerlach)

Every story pointed to a pattern of entrepreneurial growth – compounded in the presence of the right people and the right experiences. Joining the team opened a world of connections, events, and resources (our founder is a bit of a social butterfly). Alumni stayed in touch for one simple reason – the entrepreneurial spark Tangoo lit up. As our stories concluded, we came to the present day and asked ourselves: shouldn’t our love for igniting sparks extend towards our most active users and restaurant partners?

Restaurants & Social Media: Bridging the Gap

Tarquin Somo Tasty

(photo via @somo.tasty)

There’s a pain when it comes to restaurant marketing – business owners know how to run the ship, but with little time, resources, or expertise, telling their story online is a trickier game. Our restaurants have a unique experience to deliver what can’t be told through the archaic star rating system. Organically, we had already been helping spark ideas for restaurateurs with our app, but we hadn’t amplified their message through a big enough community – until now.

Today, we connect restaurants with influencers and cutting edge social media services.

Influencers and restaurants collaborate and create inspiring content together. This is, of course, is a symbiotic relationship – the influencers grow as entrepreneurs, together with restaurants.

Social Media Influencers: A Growing Creative Class


(Jacky takes a photo of dinner, photo via @somo.tasty)

Social media is now powerful enough that anyone with the right style and passion can be influential and amass a substantial following. The problem is, many rising stars need help commercializing and expanding upon their work. Some creatives are hungry to hone their skills and forge a path for themselves. Our community can offer the resources from seasoned professionals to offer support.

Since January 2016, Tangoo has nurtured a community with over 100 influencers. Hand-selected by our team based on followings and photography, these individuals have the opportunity to connect with each other over Tangoo Tastings, complimentary meals at local restaurants. As restaurants launch new menus, events, promotions, or a beautiful renovation, we’re there to help amplify their message. Besides the meal and new content for their feeds, Tangoo tastings allow influencers to dine together while sharing their passion for food and helping each other grow.

The Chapter Ahead


Connecting people through experience is coded into our DNA. This new allows us to inspire tomorrow’s entrepreneurs through opportunities, resources, and meaningful connections.

We’re grateful for all the people who have kept the torch lit since 2010. It’s time to share our fire and help fellow entrepreneurs born to shine. Follow the journey on the new and improved


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    September 23, 2016

    Congrats on pivoting and finding a sustainable business model. Connecting social influencers with great restaurants is a cool idea!

    • Reply

      Sonya Reznitsky

      September 26, 2016

      Hey Kyle! Thanks so much, we’re excited as well! Hope you enjoy reading the blog.



  2. Reply

    Paul Davidescu

    September 26, 2016


    Appreciate the kind words. I know you can appreciate the challenge in finding the right business model for app company’s 😉

    Keep up the hustle!