What’s Wrong with Traditional Tastings?

By on September 23, 2016

In our previous post, we shared with your our special formula for running restaurant tastings, and why they’re great. If you haven’t read it, click here!

We’ve done our research, and there’s a pattern on how tastings are run and why it’s a broken cycle. After countless hours of interviews with restaurateurs and influencers, we’ve mapped a pattern.

There are generally three scenarios for tastings.

  • A restaurant organizes a tasting, and has to spend time and energy finding influencers. They may not have the time or the network to find the best for what they need. A company like ours opens a pool, with influencers that range from fitness to fashion to travel. Whatever you fancy!
  • A PR company organizes a tasting. The influencers don’t ever meet anyone at the PR company, and the tasting feels awkward and forced. Plus, restaurants don’t always get the encouragement or support to create inspiring, filling tastings – running these may not be the PR company’s area of expertise. We’ve spent months researching, interviewing and perfecting the tastings to be exceptional.
  • An influencer organizes a tasting and has to deal with the awkwardness of selling themselves and their value. Through Tangoo, we plant the seed with clients on why these tastings are great, and why what you do is important. Then, we relay special requests from the restaurant to you, after prodding for pain points – we make sure both parties add mutual value, and are reasonable with each other. By understanding the needs of both well, we’re able to negotiate the best possible deal. The influencer doesn’t have to guess what the business is hoping to get – we give it you straight!

Maybe you’ve been on the restaurant side, maybe you’re the influencer. We believe that both parties need each other, and are dream collaborators – under the right circumstances. This is where we can shine, and make things easy for both sides.

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