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Tangoo Talks, Episode One: Recap

By on February 25, 2017

Hello there friends. We’re here bring you something very long overdue – a recap of our very first Tangoo Talks recap.

Let’s start with an introduction to what these talks are all about. The events are made to explore marketing and storytelling in the food industry. It’s a subject that keeps us endlessly interested. How does an entrepreneur connect with a customer? How do they extend their vision and values through experiences and products? There is no right or wrong way to do it. But hearing from those that forged their own path helps others feel more connected and motivated to do it their own way. That’s the purpose for why these events exist: to offer motivation and an opportunity to learn from others. Opportunities for professional development in the food industry seem scarce, so we’re here to forge a new path.


For the first edition, we brought in two entrepreneurs in ice cream, and one in beer. What can we say, we wanted to draw in a crowd. We invited Wilson Lee, of 720 Sweets, James Coleridge of Bella Gelateria and Alina Gogoescu, former marketing manager at Craft Beer Market and currently a Multimedia Specialist at Glacier Media. They shared with us insights on their journey on how they got to where they are. Watch the video to see some moments from the night. Hosted in Gastown at The Network Hub, it was an intimate evening.

Our audience included friends from JJbean, Beyond Bread, Lens & Shutter, SteamworksFood Stash Foundation, Food Connection, OSG Photography and Social Motion Media. Thank you to everyone for joining us!


Our next event is already in the works. We’re going to be focusing on social media and influencers: we’re looking for new speakers! Do you want to take part? If you’re running a food venture and want to share your story with others, drop us a line.


For the event photos, click here.

For a video recap, click here.

Visiting Bella Gelateria:
Coal Harbour (first location): 1001 West Cordova Street
Yaletown (second): 1089 Marinaside Crescent

To contact James, e-mail

Visiting 720 Sweets:

Vancouver: 3278 West Broadway

Richmond: 1121-8328 Capstan way

Metrotown Mall, inside T&T Supermarket

To reach Wilson, email
Follow his journey on his blog:

For those interested in connecting with Alina or Glacier Media, you can reach her at