Tangoo's Core Idea: Real World Social Experiences

Tangoo's Core Idea has always driven the brand forward no matter what shapes or forms we have evolved from. From an initial school project in Barcelona to the pocket concierge app of today, we continue to write the Tangoo story around our mission and life path, our Core Idea.

Tangoo's Core Idea is to empower people to better connect with one another through real world social experiences.

We unexpectedly crystallized this Core Idea after a team builder at the Pemberton Music Festival this summer. The very real and deep way our team connected through the Pemberton experience, beautifully illustrated the purpose of Tangoo's mission.

We are a group of people who value meaningful social experiences that bring people together in the most genuine way possible.

We believe a Core Idea is made up of your mission and grounded by your life path.

Tangoo's Mission

Your Core Idea must have a mission around it that encompasses your core values. Tangoo uses technology to create memorable offline experiences that strengthen the authentic connection between people in the real world. This is Tangoo's mission driven by its values and the things we collectively believe in.

Tangoo's Life Path

Aligning your specific life experiences and past learnings with your Core Idea give you the innate passion and determination to evolve it and persevere. The life path of Tangoo and the people that drive it give us the extra boost of magic to keep driving our mission forward.

"We grew up with both offline and online worlds playing key parts in our lives and, it is in the core of our values to unify both for all aspects of our lives."

Being a team composed of mid to late twenty-somethings, the way our life path's align with our idea is largely due to the unique generational perspectives that our circumstances of birth brought us to.

Unlike our older and younger generations who experienced their foundational years thriving with or without smart devices, we got the best of both worlds. We understand why some youth today might prioritize texting or chatting on their iPhones over speaking to someone sitting right next to them, and we also understand why that would drive some parents completely mad – they grew up in different times, we grew up in both.

We experienced the value of socially connecting offline on a real level without smart devices being there to distract us. However, we also went through our foundational years witnessing the evolution of smart devices and leveraging them to make life easier. What this means is that we grew up with both offline and online worlds playing key parts in our lives and, it is in the core of our values to unify both for all aspects of our lives.

Looking back at Tangoo's history to connect the dots, you’ll understand how we have always been about connecting people from online to offline through our Core Idea.

Tangoo’s History: Barcelona Inception

Tangoo was born in Barcelona in October of 2010 at the ESADE School of Business. It happened during Paul’s study abroad exchange. The Core Idea emerged as a result of a unique Brand Management class that gave student group's real money in order to create a company and to attach a meaningful brand to it.

To remedy people’s obsession with and distraction by technology, the original idea was to create a meaningful way to remind people to stay focused on real world connections with the people they most cared about. Paul’s group did so by creating wristbands and Toy Watches that were used as a gift to someone you valued staying connected with - one of your life "Tango" partners who's life moves in the same direction as yours.

The idea was to purchase online with the wristband and watch linked together to form an infinity sign to symbolize an endless connection. This is why the Tangoo logo has the “o’s” intertwined.

After the project ended and Paul returned to Vancouver, a short year later Tango was reinvigorated to "Tangoo"Nights - a completely new concept that aimed to connect groups of people through real world social experiences.

Tangoo’s History: Magic of Tangoo Nights

After experiencing the passion and community of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Paul, Henry, Daryl, alongside Manny and Karm from the Vancity Buzz team, were passionate about making Vancouver more fun and connected. They came up with the “Resto-Cocktail Hop” concept, which for 18 months celebrated 30 unforgettable Tangoo Nights.

These nights allowed groups of 30-50 to engage in a preplanned restaurant and bar hop where they were able to meaningfully move between handpicked locales.

In the process, they could connect with new and old friends through a real world social experience.

Tangoo’s History: Your Pocket Concierge

It was thanks to an overnight business epiphany that led to a surprise win at Launch Academy’s Demo Day on August 28, 2013.It was made possible by new team members eager to push Tangoo's Core Idea forward through a new means.

This all happened because we realized that in order to spread our Core Idea globally, we needed to better leverage technology for scale. This was a defining moment for us. We realized that we could harness 21st century technology to create a business model that would be perfectly adapted to the lifestyles and needs of this generation.

Tangoo today is the pocket concierge that takes the work out of planning a social outing by recommending a personalized list of restaurants and venues tailored to your mood and desired experience.

It has been brought to life by Josh, Jon, Paul, and Alex, alongside a passionate support team.

The rising world problem our Core Idea addresses

When we clearly defined our Core Idea and traced it through our history, it opened our eyes to a rising problem we believe we can help solve.

Real world social experiences are becoming increasingly infrequent and difficult to maintain as people become consumed with and inundated by smart devices and social media. As you become more connected through technology, there is a risk that you compromise real world connectedness.

It has been exactly 20 years since the first smart phone was launched so it's still very early and by no means are our social lives doomed. However, as smart devices evolve at blinding speeds and the new generation is literally born into them, there is an increasing risk that society loses sight in the importance of keeping offline social experiences real and not lost in the bottomless pit of the online world.

We strive, through Tangoo, to teach people to use technology responsibly and to derive authentically meaningful relationships in their real world interactions - how are you going to help us solve this problem?

Make our Core Idea a bigger part of your life and support us on Tangoo's new adventure by downloading our free iOS App - join us to help create more real world social experiences.
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